Porch Vs. Deck: which is the more befitting for your home?

Posted by Davila on September 18, 2018

Appearance & style of the porch/ deck is largely dictated by factors like the architecture & interior design of the home, the use or function of the area, and the homeowners' personal preferences. The porch is considered as an extension of the home and has a significant impact on the curb appeal, so it is important to make sure that the porch style matches the design & aesthetics of the rest of the dwelling. Porches tend to be more formal in appearance as compared to decks since the former have a greater impact on the entryway. Contemporary or modern decks are lately gaining more popularity, especially those with built-in benches, hot tubs & fire pits; such decks make for an ideal gathering space or entertaining spot.

Coming to the costs, decks & porches incur a similar expenditure for material & labor but the porches mandate the additional cost of roofing materials & installation. Pine is the most commonly used decking material and costs the least at US$5.00- 9.00 per sf. Hardwoods are the costliest at US$9.38 per sf. in average.

Cost of labor may also vary depending on the material. Composites are pricier to install as compared to hardwoods, with most labor costing between US$40-80 per sf, taking the total per sf cost of building a deck to US$21 -71, having an average of approximately US$33 per sf. Constructing a medium sized deck of 200-500 ft would cost around US$7,000.

Most of the porches cost US$67 per sf on an average, with labor costing from US$20- 40 per sf and materials running about the same cost as for a deck, with the additional cost of roof joists, shingles & beadboard. A porch measuring 16 x 20ft would cost between US$16,000- 30,400, with an average cost of US$21,400.

Porch Vs. Deck: which is the more befitting for your home?

Porch Vs. Deck: which is the more befitting for your home? build a porch? Having your own porch isn’t an impossible dream. A porch is similar to a deck in that it’s an outdoor space connected to the house, but a porch also includes a rooftop and may or may not be enclosed.

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